Can't find Advanced Print Option in Word Object Model 
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 Can't find Advanced Print Option in Word Object Model

Hi Fiona,

No, you aren't missing anything, Word doesn't have it.

I've written a replacement. Take a look at this series of articles.

Controlling the Printer from Word VBA
Part 1: Using VBA to Select the Paper Tray

Part 2: Using VBA to control Duplex, Color Mode and Print Quality

Part 3: Dealing with Different Paper Sizes

Jonathan West - Word MVP
MultiLinker - Automated generation of hyperlinks in Word
Conversion to PDF & HTML
Word FAQs at http://www.*-*-*.com/
Please post any follow-up in the newsgroup. I do not reply to Word questions
by email

> Hi,

> Re:  Can't find Advanced Print Option in Word Object Model

> Either I'm going nuts or this option is not in the Word
> object model? : )
> Please can someone advise if otherwise?

> If you look in the Word standard Print dialog box, under
> the Advanced Print options one can change the Paper Size
> for Printing option (as attached). (It does not just
> suffice to change the page setup, we also need to change
> this setting for postscript files.)

> However, I cannot seem to find where to change this option
> using the Word or Office Object models. What am I supposed
> to be doing?

> Thanks

> Regards,
> Fiona

Sat, 04 Jun 2005 07:20:39 GMT  
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