Dcount VBA syntax problem 
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 Dcount VBA syntax problem


This works alone as one count:

strSQLCalc = "UPDATE [RegionByDay] SET [RegionByDay].
[Percentage Central Economy Orders]   = DCOUNT(""[Oracle
PO ID Reference2]"", ""[DDay" & rst![Day] & "]"",""[CDC
Region Name]='Central' AND  [Carrier Cd]= 'AA2'"") WHERE
[RegionByDay].[Day] = " & rst![Day] & ";"

db.Execute strSQLCalc, dbFailOnError

Want to be able to divide the count above by the Total to
get a percentage. Inserting this count of total function
does not work as expected within the string:

/DCOUNT('[Oracle PO ID Reference2]', '[DDay" & rst![Day]
& "]')



Sun, 22 May 2005 23:36:36 GMT  
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