Database Locking itself 
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 Database Locking itself

I am writing an Access database which needs to be able to be accessed by
both its internal forms, and by ASP scripts at the same time.  I have done
this before so i know that i can do it.  With the current database, if i
have a form open which is linked to a table, my ASP script cannot open the
database, getting an error message "The database has been placed in a state
by an unknown user which prevents it from being opened or locked"  And if i
then close the Access form, and try to run the ASP script again i get an
"Unspecified Error" until i reboot my machine.  Now i have checked all the
code behind my forms and there are no recordsets left open anywhere, and the
database is set to shared not exclusive, and there are no record locks,  yet
this is still occuring.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Sat, 19 Jul 2003 15:09:02 GMT  
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