Excel file opened in IE3 - on one machine starts Excel, others does not 
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 Excel file opened in IE3 - on one machine starts Excel, others does not

I am opening an Excel spreadsheet using the IE3.02 ActiveX control in an
Access 97 application. I get three different results with the three
different computers I have tested with.

The code looks like this:

objBrowser.Navigate strLocalDir & "jolly.xls"

When the code is executed I get the following results:
(The three computers all have Office 97 sp1 and Jet 3.51)

[1] NT4ws sp3 as the OS, IE 3.02 for NT
This computer opens the spreadsheet in the browser perfectly. The
spreadsheet appears in the browser window as if it were an HTML page.

[2] Win95 sp1 as the OS, IE 4.01 for Win95
This computer seems to start an instance of Excel, then quickly Excel
seems to disappear and the spreadsheet shows up in the browser just fine.

[3] Win95 sp1 as the OS, IE 3.02 for Win95
This computer starts an instance of Excel and never inserts the
spreadsheet into the IE3 browser window.

I need to get this to settle down. The technology is great, but so far
seems a bit unpredictable in the way that it operates. And where is there
any good info on this stuff?


Michael Simcich

Tue, 01 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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