Automatiing Outlook Calender 
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 Automatiing Outlook Calender

Hi All,

I am developing an SMS application which sends Outlook calendar reminder to
user mobile as SMS alerts.
My requirement are like this:

1.   Users will be able to be alerted by reminders within their Outlook

2.   Users will be able to select which of their appointments SMS reminders
will alert.

3.   The alerts will be sent at the appointment reminder time.

4.   Alerts will be sent for all appointments with reminders, assuming at
least 30 minutes is elapsed between time of creation and the reminder time.

5.   Alerts will not be sent for any cancelled appointments, assuming at
least 30 minutes is elapsed between time of cancellation and the reminder

7.   Alerts will be generated for a particular user regardless of who made
the appointment (user or delegate).

8.   Alerts will be sent regardless of whether the user's Outlook
application is running or not when the reminder is due.

At my application end I only need to capture calendar reminder and send it
SMS gateway which actually send it to mobile. I am using VB for app develop

Now I want to know:

1. Which all above requirement are possible.

2. What all I need to do on Outlook client and what all on Exchange
server.(Client and Server app)

3. Is there any user interface involved?

4. Where is User's calendar reminder are stored , on local machine or
exchange server?

5. Give me some outlines how and what kind of application I need to write.

6. Any other related info

Any kind of help is deeply appreciated.



Mon, 04 Jul 2005 18:27:14 GMT  
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