Reading via ODBC, direct updates do not show up 
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 Reading via ODBC, direct updates do not show up

An application reads an Access97 database via ODBC. Whenever I modify data
directly in the database by using Access itself, the modifications do not
show up until at least half an hour later.

Any suggestions w.r.t. possible cause and solution will be welcome.

Some background: The application and the database reside on an NT4/sp6
server. The application itself is ColdFusion3.1. The CF template I'm using
is stripped down to the barest essentials. An alternate CF template -- as
different as possible w.r.t. the other template --  consistently shows
equivalent results.
As minor modifications in the CF templates themselves show up immediately
in the results, I'm afraid the database is cached somewhere between the
file and CF. And the cache is not checking the data ...

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