How to pass parameter while openining ole embeded word doc from access table 
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 How to pass parameter while openining ole embeded word doc from access table

Dear Group Members,

I would like to do following, if anyone can help it will
be greatly appreciated.

I would like to write a VBA code from Msaccess 2000 to be
able to open an ole (embeded) word document from the
access table and I want to pass some other fields to word
document automatically. This can be done if we use word
doc template file and bookmark. I wonder how we can do it
dırectly on the embeded ole.

Thank you.

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 14:33:22 GMT  
 How to pass parameter while openining ole embeded word doc from access table
I have nice piece of code that does the word merge for you.

It only takes one line of code on any form to launch the word doc with a set of
merge fields (you get to use the standard nice built in merge fields in place of
horrid bookmarks).

However, you probably actually don't want to store the documents in side of
ms-access. You are better to "link" to the documents. The reason for this is
many, but one obvious reason is that your documents are now not inside of some
"database". Further, with the documents outside of the database, you can still
use standard tools to backup, resort, copy the documents etc. There is also the
issue of bloating up the size of the database. I would not put the documents in
side of ms-access.

Anyway, you can try the sample form and word merge code I have. It create
documents with no merge fields *after* the merge, and you can enable any form
with one line of code, and it figures out the field names for you.

You could easily modify it to save a "list" of documents that you make for each

It may be of use to you.

Check it out at:

Albert D. Kallal     (MVP)
Edmonton,  Alberta Canada

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 21:24:50 GMT  
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