Unable to get SeriesCollection property of Chart Class - Graph error 
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 Unable to get SeriesCollection property of Chart Class - Graph error

I'm getting an intermittent error in my code; when I try to get the
SeriesCollection property of my chart I get the error in the Subject line,
then I click OK and it displays the chart fine. Any idea what's going on and
how to fix it?

intNumBars = chrChart.SeriesCollection.Count
For intSeriesCount = 1 To intNumBars
           chrChart.SeriesCollection(intSeriesCount).Interior.Color =
Next intSeriesCount

Also, the Count peropert was giving  me the wrong count; it was giving me
the series count of the previous chart, not the current one. I found a
kludge around it but not a fix.

Mon, 29 Dec 2003 22:54:35 GMT  
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