word mail merge strange behavior 
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 word mail merge strange behavior

Depending on screen configuration, the merged file often appear off the
top left of the screen.

Here is some background information:
I am using the following code to perform a word mail merge from access
Dim objWord As Word.Document

    Set objWord = GetObject(myfilename, "Word.Document")
    objWord.Application.Visible = True
    Set objWord = Nothing ' release the reference

If I launch word by hand and do the same merge, the merged data appear
in a word window nearly directly on top of the original word
application. Just a tiny bit to the right and down.

When I run it from access the main document opens in the same place, but
the merged document appears way far to the left (so the right side of
the merged document is at least an inch from the left side of the main
document.  It may also be shifted up so that only the bottom bit of the
mail merged word window is showing.  I need to use the toolbar move
feature to get it onto the screen.

Note: I am using a mufti (3) monitor configuration.  If I set word to
launch on the far right monitor the merged document will appear on the
middle monitor.  It the main document is on the center monitor it will
appear off the top, but approximately centered on the left monitor.
Finally if the main document is on the left monitor, the merged document
will be off the left hand side of the left monitor.

Any ideas what is going on, or how I can fix it.  When I run word
directly, it does not exhibit this behavior.

Sun, 21 Dec 2003 05:39:32 GMT  
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