vbCrLf after attachment - (not '.Body') 
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 vbCrLf after attachment - (not '.Body')


For me this is not possible. The attachements are in a recipient and their
place cann't be choiced.

> I have code set up to automate the process of emailing
> reports to managers based on their territory.  There are a
> total of 7 attachments in the message, preceded by the
> message body.  The code works fine, I just want to "clean
> up" the message a bit, visually.
> I want to set a line break in between the 4th and 5th
> attachment to start the last 3 attachments on a new line,
> as the final 3 reports are more detailed than the 1st 4.
> I can't use the .Body item, as it is already used for the
> introductory message text, and attempts to re-use it just
> replace the original message body.
> So, how can I insert a stand-alone 'vbCrLf' between the
> attachments? ie;

> "Attached below are your monthly reports...
> Please contact ... w/ questions."

> Attach1, Attach2, Attach3, Attach4 (insert line break here)

> Attach5, Attach6, Attach7

> -Thanks!

Fri, 08 Apr 2005 14:34:53 GMT  
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