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Dear anyone,
          I am hoping that someone is going to be able to
help me. I am trying to download a twain driver off the
internet to register for use in my VB project. The only
problem is that when I run RegSVR32 for my downladed .dll
file it returns with the message saying that the
DLLregistrySever was unable to locate its entry point. I
do not know what this means or how to overcome the
problem. Please could someone advise me as to where I am
going wrong, and if possible where I can find a twain
driver .dll file to use in my project as I think that the
one I am currently using may be incomplete. How do you go
about using a .dll file off the internet? Perhaps i am
missing some very basic and obvious step that I am
currently unaware of?

Many kind thanks for any responses that I get.

Fri, 08 Apr 2005 20:23:04 GMT  
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