Outlook XP/2002 - Programmatically adding Sync Groups 
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 Outlook XP/2002 - Programmatically adding Sync Groups


I know you can't programmatically add sync groups as they are stored
in the <ProfileName>.SRS file. I have copied this SRS file after
adding manually 2 sync groups. I then deleted the existing SRS to see
what would happen. It creates a new SRS which makes sense. If I then
overwrite this SRS with the copy I made (containing the 2 sync groups)
then it correctly adds the 2 sync groups to the UI. I think these
files do contain some security info or registry check.

What I want to know is has anybody used this as a solution. I.E. Has
anyone distributed the SRS file as part of a Sync Group solution. If
this doesn't work it's going to have to be 'WinBatch' or 'VB (with
Sendkeys)' to solve this. I don't really like this idea, even if it is
for the Setup Dept's use.

Any general help would be appreciated.


John Guilbert.

Sat, 14 May 2005 18:26:59 GMT  
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