Application Error - DAO2016.DLL at 0033:06BC --- Access 2.0 in WIN 3.1 
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 Application Error - DAO2016.DLL at 0033:06BC --- Access 2.0 in WIN 3.1

We are using Access 2.0  to run a remote attendance reporting application,
CITRIX WinFrame as the remote host. For awhile, we were getting GPF's
Access loads in the CITRIX Windows sessions. We updated Access with
and most of those problems stopped. However, in the application are two
reports that required VBA because we needed to send "plain text" over the
remote link. Both of
these reports are now failing with the message in the title of this piece.
I have also tried
to run them directly from our server. The error is the same at different
PC's and for
remote or direct connection. I tried the reports on a PC without the Access
pack updates and they work OK.

Thank you for your interest and any suggestions.

Wed, 29 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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