Security while accessing a database with VBA 
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 Security while accessing a database with VBA

I need assistance with the following scenario:

I've got an Excel workbook with macros that write data to an Access
database with a DAO connection.

This is all nice and good..but now I want to encrypt or otherwise protect
the database so that nobody can access it except authorized users..that is,
those users that are using the the Excel workbook.

Unfortunately, Excel VBA projects are not very secure. I need a method to
allow users to write to the database, but to protect the database from being
opened by anybody but me.

To put it another way:
I've got a workbook with macros. Anybody can access the wkb. They enter data
in Excel, which is written to an Access db. Their data should be written to
the db (using Excel), but prying eyes should not be able to access the Excel
VBA project (presumably for the password), or to be able to access the

To put it yet another way:
User => Excel Workbook => / ?vulnerablility? / => connection to Access db.

Can somebody offer some ideas, or a point in the right direction?

Mon, 30 Jun 2003 00:50:57 GMT  
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