Array reference across the form instance and the module! 
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 Array reference across the form instance and the module!


In the project (vb add-in) I'm working in has a form which would be
instatiated during the execution. I need to access a public array defined in
the form code, from any other modules in the same project.

What I'm doing is ...
I'm passing the array to the sub routine I call. The subroutine gets that
array by reference (ByRef). I'm able to put values into the array. But the
array I'm working in, in the current module is not the same array which I
defined in the form code. (ie., not being referred - so that while I'm
calling another routine passing the same array the array values are lost!)

I need help. I need to have an array which has to be instatiated along with
the form. And I need to refer it thru any other module in the project. It
would be a great help if you could show me a way.


Sat, 05 Mar 2005 22:44:45 GMT  
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