dialog box with list box or combo box 
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 dialog box with list box or combo box

No, but you can create a pop-up form that looks like a dialog box and place whatever you
want on it. Use the acDialog window mode argument with the DoCmd.OpenForm VBA command.
Opening the form with the acDialog argument will pause the code that opened the form until
the form is closed or hidden. You would use hidden (Visible = No) if you want to retrieve
data from the form, such as a selection that was made, when the code continues running.

Wayne Morgan
Microsoft Access MVP

> Can you have a dialog box with a pull down menu of data
> from a database field. Im trying to use a dialog box with
> a query for helping the user select data to sort on. How
> is this done?

Sun, 11 Dec 2005 11:44:38 GMT  
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