AM I missing something - Sum and Cumulative Sum 
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 AM I missing something - Sum and Cumulative Sum

Good Morning everyone,

It's a beautifull Saturday here in Glasgow.  How is it where you are?

I have posted this same message to the queries group, but I am also
interested in knowing the solution in Visual Basic - at which I am a
complete beginner.  There might well be an SQL solution as well. That would
interest me greatly.  Am I asking for too much?

My problem is as follows.

I am trying to produce a report which will show the time spent on a Sub Job
for a client between two dates specified (These are to be any dates
specified by the Operator).  The report must also generate the Cumulative
time spent on the Sub Job from when the Sub Job started, to the last date
selected by the Operator for the report as well as the Cumulative time
spent on the job up to today.  The dates which the operator selects will be
picked from a dialogue box, which will contain the Active X Calendar
control.  I will also allow the Operator the choice of selecting a Job
Number, A Sub Job Number, or A Department (Jobs and Sub Jobs are allocated
to a department).

The way I will present the data is a simplified version of the actual data.
 A Timesheet is completed every day and the data from the timesheets is
entered on to the database every day.

There are two tables, Tables![Sub Jobs] and Tables![Timesheets].  The
tables have a One to Many link by Tables![Sub Jobs]![Sub Job No]  To
Tables![Timesheets]![Sub Job No].  That is, every Sub Job might have many
time sheets.

The fields in the Tables are as follows:

TABLES! [Sub Job]
Client Name
Sub Job Number

Sub Job Number
Timesheet ID
Time (in minutes)
Day (Date of work)

I have attached a database (Access 97) for those who want to look at the
relavant tables and links. This set of data is a part of a much larger
system, which is why it appears incomplete.

I look forward to hearing from some one soon.  I may be contacted directly

Dave Allen

begin 600 Time.mdb

Wed, 06 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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