Open event in a COM Add-in 
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 Open event in a COM Add-in

Sorry for re-posting.

Thanks Brian. But I actually linked in Project Object library in VB. That is
how I got access to the ActiveProject object. I tried entering Project_Open
event in Connect.dsr with the same signature and all, but the event never
gets called. Do I have to create a Class Module etc., like demonstrated in a
certain Microsoft's example?

> Definitely possible.  You just link in the Project Object library in VB,
> all of those objects are available to your app.

> > Hi,

> > In Project2000 VBA, I have access to Project_Open, Project_Activate
> events.
> > Is there any way of getting these events in a COM Add-in written in VB?

> > Thanks,
> > Hafeez

Sat, 03 Jul 2004 22:03:07 GMT  
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