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 DoCmd.Open.Query in Module!


The first question is straightforward:

1) Create a public function which returns a value and then
that value is used in the Query, for example,

Public Function GetDate() as Date
End Function

In the criteria of the field that uses your value simply
call the function, for example

instead of typing in: Date() you would type in GetDate().

Running the query would automatically run the function and
return the function value.

2) I don't know what you are asking for on this one?!

Alastair MacFarlane

>-----Original Message-----
>Q1- How do you add criteria to a field of a query when
>use the DoCmd.OpenQuery "QueryTest" in a module and then
>view the query?
>Q2- What type of programming commands, in a module, do
>use to Query a table and then append to it?

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