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 DCOUNT divided by DCOUNT


Still making no progress on this DCOUNT divided by DCOUNT
question. The function works in that it returns the first
percentage for the Day 1. I suppose the query is
attempting to divide the first % returned by every "days2-
30's" counts thus creating the overflow bc 30 divisions
would generate a double sized number. Therefore, the error
is in the denominator DCOUNT source ... ""[DDay" & rst!
[Day] & "]"" ...

While Not .EOF

strSQLCalc = "UPDATE [Shipped Via] SET [Shipped Via].
[Central Economy]   = Format(DCOUNT(""[Oracle PO ID
Reference2]"", ""[DDay" & rst![Day] & "]"",""[CDC Region
Name]='Central' AND [Carrier Cd]= 'AA2'"")/DCOUNT
(""[Oracle PO ID Reference2]"", ""[DDay" & rst![Day]
& "]"",""[CDC Region Name]='Central'""),'Percent') WHERE
[Shipped Via].[Day] = " & rst![Day] & ";"

db.Execute strSQLCalc, dbFailOnError




Tue, 24 May 2005 05:48:34 GMT  
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