Create custom control in form using code (code wizard adding ocx to form) 
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 Create custom control in form using code (code wizard adding ocx to form)

I have a code wizard I created which generates Access 2002 forms and code.
All works fine when generating Access controls.  Here's some sample code to
create a textbox on a form.

Set ctl = CreateControl(frmNew.Name, acTextBox, , "", "", 4308, intLabel_Top
+ 308)

I created a custom ocx control in VB6 for a special label, and now I want
this wizard to add it the forms it generates.  Its already referenced and is
in the access toolbar where I can drag it to a form.  What code should I use
to add it to a form programmatically?


George Padvorac

Sun, 16 Jan 2005 03:13:52 GMT  
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