Import Data from word bookmarks using sql? 
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 Import Data from word bookmarks using sql?

I have a word document questionnaire without at least 200 bookmarks
and more formfields.

I'm using a routine stored inside a class module to get hold of a
number of these documents and to retrieve the data into Access one at
a time.

I had thought that this may be possible using an ADO connection to
Word, but cannot find any material on this method (so I suspect its
unsupported).  I want this to be a simple as possible as I have many
other types of questionnaires that I have to run similar routines

I had also wanted to store the sql string for this type of
questionnaire and my plan was to store the string (which is likely to
be very long) in a table, and to retrieve this string (an insert into
command) when the ADO connection was setup.

Is this possible?  Or do I have to use another method?  If so, can
anyone advise me as to which method(s) to use?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Sat, 15 May 2004 01:32:45 GMT  
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