Newbie Needs Advice For Purchase 
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 Newbie Needs Advice For Purchase

I am interested in starting to write applications for Outlook (probably
Outlook 2000).  I need to write an application for work that is similar to a
contact management package.  Sales people would create work requests, that
are stored in a public folder in Outlook, technicians would do the work,
adding test results etc via a form that would be stored in the folder and
when they are done, I would like the sales people to be notified by email
that there work is done.

I would like your suggestions on what to use as a development environment.
I know a little Visual Basic 6, and some Visual C++.  I have the "Working
Model" edition of VB 6 (distributed with a book I bought), and I have Visual
C++ 6.0.

Should I buy VB 6.0 (Professional), Visual etc.?  Supposing that
I do this from home, do I need an exchange server-client hardware setup for
testing the application?

Thanks for any help,


Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:45:54 GMT  
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