I cant believe it is happening - Windows 2000 and Access 2000 crashes 
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 I cant believe it is happening - Windows 2000 and Access 2000 crashes

I have a real problem.

I have been using access 2000 for some time and I recently have upgraded to
windows 2000 from windows NT.

Problem - everything runs fine.  The database even compiles.  BUT if I go to
the object browser or request a list of objects in any code window access
has a fatal crash as follows

The instruction at "0x650c687b" etc etc.  The memory could not be read

It is not a nice error and it makes it impossible to continue my coding.

I have discovered that this occurs when a form with code exists in any sort
of access database - only under win2000.

If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated.  Is this just my machine
or are other people having similar problems.

If possible could you also send any responses to me address at

Thanks in advanced

Wed, 05 Feb 2003 01:31:40 GMT  
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