Infinite Report - Create Access reports of unlimited complexity 
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 Infinite Report - Create Access reports of unlimited complexity

InfiniteReport is a programmers' tool which allows you to create reports of
almost unlimited complexity, entirely by-passing the inherent structure of
native Access reports.  InfiniteReport provides a collection of VBA class
modules which allow you to create a report, element by element, entirely in
code.  All properties of an element can be set simply by setting the
properties of the InfiniteReport object for the current element: e.g.

 IR.Fontname = "Arial
 IR.Image = "clouds.bmp"

InfiniteReports can even contain entire conventional Access reports or can
themselves be embedded inside conventional access reports.  InfiniteReport,
in a word, allows you to do more or less anything with an Access Report.
For more information and the evaluation version, go to and then go to the InfiniteReport page on this

Requires Access 97

Download the evaluation version from

Mon, 27 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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