10 out of 10 to Mr. Doug Robbins - Creating a userform 
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 10 out of 10 to Mr. Doug Robbins - Creating a userform

Hello Shane,

It seems everybody is having the same problem at the

If you check the "Calculate on Exit" checkbox in the field
properties the references are updates automatically.

Have fun,

Jeanne van der Velde

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>Exactly what I was looking for as regards creating a
userform. The only
>shortcoming - and it applies to Word and not Mr. Robbin's
instructions is
>that the reason I want a userform is that the user only
has to enter the
>information once and it is inserted a number of places in
the document.

>Now I know that you can use the cross-reference to

reference the bookmark -
>the only problem is that the cross-references do not

update automatically to
>show the information that has just been entered into the
userform since they
>are fields. This means that a new user does not know that
this can be
>automatically updated and may start putting this info
manually in the
>document overwriting the fields.

>Is there any other way of doing this. basically I want

the user to enter the
>information in the user form and the information to be
automatically and
>immediatly inserted in document in a number of instances,
e.g. header, title
>of document and in some tables.

>Thanks in advance for any help folks.



Tue, 26 Apr 2005 04:21:42 GMT  
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