Playing a MIDI file when doc opens 
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 Playing a MIDI file when doc opens


I've now managed to work out how to play a MIDI file using the mciSendString
API calls and the document_open event.  This is okay if I'm wanting to play
a MIDI file saved on the hard drive, but how do I reference a MIDI file
embedded within the document ??

The code I've used to play the file is as follows :-

Dim ret As Integer

   ret = mciSendString(_
    "open c:\windows\media\canyon.mid type sequencer alias canyon", 0&, 0,
   ret = mciSendString("play canyon wait", 0&, 0, 0)
   ret = mciSendString("close canyon", 0&, 0, 0)

   End Sub

So how do I reference an embedded file ???


Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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