Importing Outlook Data to a Word Table using a view control 
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 Importing Outlook Data to a Word Table using a view control

Would anyone happen to know how to Import Outlook items that are in a view
control to a word table?  I have Outlook 2000 & Word 2000.  The view control
was just recently released.  I usually place either a bookmark or a Custom
Doc. Prop and reference this to a particular field in Outlook.  However this
is something entirely different.  The view control can have several items
with a different subject or type.

Here are some questions related to this:

How do I communicate with my word document - to count the items in the view
control & then to insert the appropriate amount of rows inside the table?
Is this simply done using VBA or VBScript?
Do I create the table as a object?

For the most part I can create a table inside my template, but it's a
guessing game....sometimes you may have 2 items in the view or 15. I want
the document to look good but also be functional. Am I asking too much?  I
would rather do this all in code than have a static table inside my

If someone could be of assistance, this would be greatly appreciated.

Sun, 07 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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