VBA and Fields in Word and Excel 97/2000 
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 VBA and Fields in Word and Excel 97/2000

Good morning everybody.
I'm new to VBA.
I'd like to write a macro for Word and or Excel 97/2000, which allows me
to insert fields in a document/sheet.
I regularly use the "File - Properties" of a Word or Excel document/sheet
and fill the fields "Title", "Subject" and "Company" under the summary
tab. I also create a "Client", a "Date" and a "Suivi" field under the
custom tab.
So I'd like a macro which opens a window in which all those fields are
listed for me to fill them, and then writes those filled fields in the
File Properties.
Could somebody do this for me or help me to do it?
Many thanks in advance,

I'm sorry for my poor English.

Sun, 04 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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