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 reverse and forward engineering


I would like to use VISIO for enterprise architects to
build a database model. We have an existing access
database and need to put it into a more professional one
(either SQl server and/or oracle).

I did a reverse engineer from the access database first
which looks very good. Then I want to generate into a sql
server database. Tables no problem, but there are a few
problems with the views.
I have some views which uses other views in them and after
a generate I get errors and when I look at the sql
statements then I get something like :"select
UNKNOWN_COLUMN AS [pkBHLOTref],... from from
This seems to occur also if you have 1 table that occurs
twice in the same view (like "from TABLE1 as 1, TABLE2 as
And also when there is a use of the * (like "select
TABLE1.* from TABLE1").

Are there solutions for this or am I doing somehing wrong?
Tahnk you
Arvid Mestdagh

Sat, 25 Dec 2004 16:13:11 GMT  
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