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 Project Unviewable Error

Hi Tanya,

Are you starting with an existing template rather than a new one?  If that
is the case, whoever created the existing template may have locked it.

If you start from scratch with a new template, you should not have that

I think you might need to check the date on your computer.  It seems to be
set to 11 February 2002.

Please post any response to the newsgroups for the benefit of others who may
also be following the thread.

Hope this helps,
Doug Robbins - Word MVP

> Hello,
> I am currently doing a project to create a userform in a
> template memo.  I am using the "How To Create a UserForm"
> on the website.  When I get to the part (Step 4)
> where I go into the Visual Basic editor and into the
> project explorer; I try and insert a userform for the
> template, but I get a "project unviewable" error.  The
> header of the error box says "Project Locked" and in the
> box it says "Project Unviewable".  If someone can please
> help, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Tanya

Sun, 30 Jan 2005 09:51:26 GMT  
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