word 2002 record macro won't record searching for font atttibutes 
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 word 2002 record macro won't record searching for font atttibutes

In Word 2002, I want to search in a selection for all instances of
"not bold" text and replace each instance with a bold "... " [not the
quotes, just the elipses and space].

When I record, it works live, but then when I look at the macro in
Visual Basic, no formatting attributes are in there.  

I tried several other formatting attributes besides "not bold," and
the macro record function does not pick up any of them.

I know sometimes recorded macros don't work as you like, but how could
it not record at all any of the various font formatting attributes I

I could do this in Word 97.

Please help!

Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:40:29 GMT  
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