where to put this in Autoopen 
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 where to put this in Autoopen

Hello, i've got a  problem in Word 2000.
Everytime when i open a txt file the automatic file converter pops up.
I've heard i can make a macro that is as follows:
Sub MyOpenDocumentMacro()

   ' Replace the FileName example with the path to your text file.
   Documents.Open FileName:="C:\My documents\Address.txt", _
      Format:=wdOpenFormatText, Encoding:=msoEncodingUSASCII

End Sub
Where do i put this so that it automitically runs when i open such a file?
I'm no programmer so i need to know the exact place where to put this.
Can anyone help me?


Fri, 19 Sep 2003 19:42:32 GMT  
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