MSCOMM OCX help needed 
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 MSCOMM OCX help needed

Windows 95
Access 97

I am trying to write to the comm port via the MSCOMM ocx control.  However
this is not for a modem but a 'Pole' display for a point of sale
application.  The device uses a JB emulation mode (among others, but none
of the modes are anything you see with modems). I know how to open, close,
output, etc to the device via the ocx control.  What i can not seem to
figure out is how to control this device like they (the supplier) say it is
done in DOS (very few vendors have POS hardware drivers for windows).  The
vendor walked me thru operating the device via hyperterminal...that is
about the extent of  their knowledge in windows.  When i do it via the ocx
control i can get only two characters at a time to display correctly any
remaining characters show up as garbage (in desperation i wrote a routine
to parse and send only 2 characters at a time which worked bit...) via the
ocx, i cannot seem to get the device to recognize the commande sequences
for clearing the screen (in dos this is [esc]2J), or Line feed, etc.  I
think i am sending the proper codes to the device using the ascii chr$(nn)
commands and have also tried the intrisic variables (vbEscape) but i just
get more garbage characters displayed on the screen.  any insight into how
to get this thing to cooperate would be greatly appreciated...

Fri, 17 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 MSCOMM OCX help needed


in the best of my knowledge, there is only one article in the whole MSDN CD
about that control, and the name say almost all:

 "Coping With Windows Communications, Use These Undocumented Tips, Tricks,
and Work-Arounds to Customize Your Communications Applications."
by Carl Franklin, Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Articles - Microsoft
Office Developer Edition ( also on MSDN CD)

The examples in the articles work fine, the article just left an impression
of not being 100% documented. But if it is working in your case, who will

Hope it may be usefull,
Vanderghast, Access MVP

Mon, 20 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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