Combining files with different header content into one file 
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 Combining files with different header content into one file

Hope that someone can help me with this situation.  I am rather new to Word
but I am quickly getting into some heavy duty reports containing hundreds of
In order to develop the reports I have to combine files from a Master with
over 800 files in it.  Each file in the master has its own header.  To the
left in the header there is a title that is common to all 800 files.  To the
right there is description of the file content and page numbering for the
file, such as: Section 02300, Concrete and  then the pages 1 through 4 if
the are 4 pages in section 02300
How can I combine say 25 such files to one file (report) using the "insert
file" command without loosing the header formats?  When I produce the hard
copy of the report it must have the original header contents for each of the
25 files at the top of the pages in the report (that also include non
continuous numbering of the pages in the original format).  I am in the
process of producing a macro that will run the production of the reports
(run the "insert file" process).

Thank you

Karl B. Kristiansen

Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:50:14 GMT  
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