VBA interface to third party DLL 
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 VBA interface to third party DLL


I want to access functions from a third party DLL (aimapi.dll).  The library
documentation states the following:

int an_read_init(initfile)
char *initfile

Which I translated to the following VBA code:

Public Declare Function an_read_init _
               Lib "aimapi.dll" _
               (ByVal initfile As String) _
               As Integer

But every time I try to call this function from Access I get a run time
error 49 stating that my DLL calling convention is wrong.  So I guess it
must have something to do with my parameter declaration.  BUT WHAT?

Calling this function from a C program is no problem.  The header files

#define MSWIN
int MSWIN an_read_init(char *);

What could be the problem here?  How does Access find out that the calling
conventions are wrong?  Is there any way to see what the library actually
expects as a parameter?

Thanks for any help,

Sascha Wildner
erpicon Software Development GmbH

Fri, 26 Dec 2003 17:37:54 GMT  
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