creating heirarchy chart in report from existing table 
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 creating heirarchy chart in report from existing table

I am looking for help on how I can take a table with 400 + records and
produce a report which creates a hierarchy chart.  It does not have to
be graphical, but it should have relationships like person2 calls
person3 and person4 and person5 calls person6 etc. In other words like a
binary tree representation.  How do I create this relationship with one
table inwich social security number is the primary key, or do I need
more than one table.  I just want to pull existing fields from the table
such as name, home phone, work phone.  I do not want to enter the info
again its in the table already all that is needed is to pull these
fields into a report. The question is how to setup this relationship in
this hierarchy manner which will also allow relationship to be edited in
the future.

Mon, 09 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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