Dividing incoming email into groups of 20 
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 Dividing incoming email into groups of 20

Using Outlook 2000 with POP3 internet accounts

I have a specific email account which receives large numbers of messages in
bursts - some days I may get zero, some days I may get 200.

Is it possible to get Outlook to perform the following operations on demand?

Given folder Inbound (messages are placed there according to rules created
by the Rules Wizard)

Create a folder with the name "<today's date in mm/dd/yy format>-1"

Move the first 20 emails into the new folder

If at least 20 messages remain in the Inbound folder, create a new folder
named ...-n+1

Move the next 20 emails into the new folder

Repeat until there are fewer than 20 emails in the Inbound folder

Any help would be appreciated.

Mon, 06 Oct 2003 23:14:16 GMT  
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