Compiler Ignores VBA Code 
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 Compiler Ignores VBA Code

Anyone seen this? An example ('course code is more
complex), number, and discussion:

(1) do while x <> 1
(2)    x = 1
(3) loop

Set breakpoint on (2). Run. At break add code like this:

(1) do while x <> 1
(2)    x = 1
(3)    y = 1
(4) loop

Remove breakpoint. Compiler still breaks at (2)! If I
step from there compiler goes back to line (1). Not sure
how, but finally got breakpoint removed. But line (3)
never executes.

Any ideas? Don't even know what to call this to search in
MSDN knowledge base.

Sat, 31 Jul 2004 03:36:02 GMT  
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