Help wanted - willing to pay fair hourly rate 
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 Help wanted - willing to pay fair hourly rate


We are in the final stages of a A2K deployment project and have came across
some unusual A2K runtime issues.

We are running out of time and were wondering if anyone was willing to
help - we would be happy to pay a reasonable hourly rate.  Please contact

We cannot help but think that there are simple answers to our questions /

Here is some background :

1) We have developed a front end and back end data base solution

2) Using Office Developer -  Package and Deploy to create installation image

3) install on several test PC's (Windows 95) and came across several runtime
problems that we do not experience on A2K on our development PC (Windows98 /

Some examples of the problems we are having :

a) one of the steps in our invoicing function is to - run a Delete Query
(clears records from a temporary file) and then an Append Query (populates
this temporary file)

These are causing us no end of hassles - on the dev machine (full A2K) these
Delete and Append queries execute OK - on the runtime machine we gte the
following error messages :

"Could not delete from Specified tables"  and / or
"Database engine could not lock table xyz because it is already in use by
another person or process"  and / or
"Operation must use an updatable query"

By the way, the table is located in the same .MBE / .MDB as the delete /
append queries.

b) In another area of our application , we get the following message in the
runtime version :

"This expression is typed incorrectly or is too complex to be evaluated -
for example...."

This happens when we open a report that has no problems openning in real

Anybody have any hints as to what may be happening ?  Also, if requires some
time, we would be happy to compensate at a reasonable hourly rate.

Awaiting in anticipation
John and Therese Schilt

Fri, 13 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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