Why won't this work? 
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 Why won't this work?


Posted this in formscoding previously...run nt wks at home..wrote code at
work on 98...didn't work at home...tested at work this am...

the following code works perfectly in win95/98..but won't  on nt workstation
sp5 or 6....

in the code below I (on ntwks) returns 0, t returns count of controls on


Dim frm As Form
Dim i As Integer
Dim t As Integer

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmUserSurveySub", acDesign
Set frm = Screen.ActiveForm

i = frm.Section(0).Controls.Count
MsgBox i
t = frm.Count
MsgBox t


Thanks in advance,

Bud Dean

Mon, 03 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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