Enabling Tab Key to move from field to field 
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 Enabling Tab Key to move from field to field

After you place form fields in a document, you must "lock" or "protect" the
document to enable the fields and prevent the cursor being placed anywhere else.
To do this, you can click the lock icon on the Forms toolbar, or you can use the
menu item Tools | Protect Document.

Exit macros have little to do with tabbing from one field to another. Their main
use in this regard is to change the order in which the fields are selected -- by
default Word tabs in reading order, left to right and then downward, but an exit
macro can direct the cursor to a different field. More often, exit macros are
used to do entry validation, special formatting, or calculations.

Jay Freedman
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> I have created a form which has several text box fields.
> However, as this is the first time I have used Visual
> Basic, I am unaware of how to enable the Tab key to move
> from one text field box to the next.  I have been referred
> to on exit macros, but I know next to nothing about
> macros.  Please advise.

Sun, 15 May 2005 12:15:56 GMT  
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