merging word documents into a table cell 
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 merging word documents into a table cell

here is what i am trying to do

have a template document that consists of one table with various cells.

i need to merge another word document into one of the empty cells in the
table. if the word document is to large for the cell  need it to continue
the merge in a new document with the orginal template.

not to bad so far

but i have a whole series of these to do

so when it has finished the first merge, i need it to save the original
document + merged document as a new file. then open a new template document
and merge the next word document into it. all the documents are numbered
sequentialy ie 0001.doc 0002.doc and continue on until all the documents in
the folder have been processed

any help on this would be greatly appreciated,

many thanks

chris barton

Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:54:12 GMT  
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