VB4 and DAO 3.6 Update method Compile Error 
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 VB4 and DAO 3.6 Update method Compile Error

You have to remove the reference to DAO 3.0 and add one to DAO 3.6 in order
to work with the Access 2000 database.

Once you've done that, the "old" Update method in VB4 should be irrelevant.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP

> I am trying to use VB4 to add a record to an ACCESS 2000
> database. I can open and read the database, but the Update
> method is syntacticly not correct to my compiler. When I
> browse the DAO object/method (Recordset/Update) for DAO
> 3.0 (this is VB4's DAO), I can see that there are no
> arguments for the Update method. When I browse the DAO 3.6
> object/method (Recordset/Update), I notice there are now a
> couple of arguments, which is why I am getting syntax
> error.

> I have searched for hours trying to find how to correct,
> or whether they are just incompatible, but I can't find
> it. I have tried many different things based on the
> articles I found, such as prefixing the objects with DAO,
> but it still does not work. The VB4 compiler just doesn't
> want any arguments with the Update method, and the DAO 3.6
> does.

> Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a means to fix
> or make it work, or must I upgrade to VB5 (I noticed that
> the DAO it uses...3.5...also has the arguments for the
> Update method.

> Thanks for any help offered.

> Rick

Sun, 15 May 2005 07:32:38 GMT  
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