Sending mail via alternate email account 
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 Sending mail via alternate email account

I've got the classic script that sends me my reminders via email to my pager
running in Outlook 2002.  Except, it is not working properly since our
department added the CorporateTime Outlook Connector (CTOC)*.  The email is
automatically sent as HTML, even despite the fact that I set the BodyFormat
property to olFormatPlain.  In fact, if I manually test this by creating a
new message, ensuring that it is Plain Text format, then sending it, it
still goes out as HTML, complete with the comment "<!-- Converted from
text/plain format -->, so it's obviously a problem with the add-in software.

Thus, in my script I would like to send my email pages out using an
alternate email account (I have a separate IMAP server connection that works
properly if I use it.)  How can I programmatically specify to use an
alternate account?  It seems to always want to default to the one set as
"default" in the Email Accounts page.

* The CTOC, by Steltor Inc,  is essentially a MAPI store created by the COM
add-in components which connects to the native CorporateTime Server.  It
uses IMAP for email, but its own proprietary connection for calendar and
tasks.  It is different from an Exchange store, but behaves in much the same

Erik Coleman

Wed, 09 Jun 2004 00:30:06 GMT  
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