Urgent: operation of Restrict Method 
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 Urgent: operation of Restrict Method

Hi all:

I used the restrict method in vb6 to restrict my
appointment folder to get appointments taht are at a
specific time.  Recently I changed my program into vb.Net
and somehow the restrict method didn't work like before

I was using something like this in vb6:

filter = "[start] = """ &startdate &""""
objoutlookitem = objoutlookitem2.restrict(filter)

Something like that I remember it worked (I tested it).  
And I used .Net to convert the code to vb.net... and the
code was exactly the same.  And it didn't work anymore
(objoutlookitem returns me with nothing, not even a
msgbox or if statements can show me the value).  

I pin pointed the error at the use of "=".  I tried using

>= and it worked... but somehow the "=" operator didn't

work... I also tried using == and still doesn't

I need some desparate help on how to solve that
problem... thankx very much.  


Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:20:02 GMT  
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