Passing a Variable Parameter 
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 Passing a Variable Parameter

I'm a new VBA user so please be patient with me.  :-)

I'm having difficulty passing a parameter in the VBA I'm
trying to write.

I've included a test sample of the code with the problem.  
I'm allowing the user to choose (from a combo box)
whatever Flag field he wants.  How would I set
the "T.Flag1" parameter in the below code as a variable so
it's read by the below statements?



If DateCheck > DateValue("06/29/2002") And FieldResponse  
= "" Then
    T.SetField FieldID:=pjTaskText1, Value:="All Tasks
       ElseIf T.Flag1 = "True" Then
         T.SetField FieldID:=pjTaskText1, Value:="Flag 1
         GoTo Read_Next
  End If

Sun, 03 Apr 2005 04:49:47 GMT  
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