Setting a value based on Date. 
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 Setting a value based on Date.

I am using the calendar from Office97. I've created a form with the calendar
as a subform. I added for textboxes and a button. When the user selects a
date and selects the button, I use the given date to run a query and then do
a  Dlookup on a table. Ex...Me.strTeamA = NZ(DLookup("[qry1]![txtTeamA]",
"[txtTeamA]"), "NoValue"). This works just like I want it to but... I have
to create the schdule using Excel and then inport into a table.
Bacisally what I asking for help for is a funtion. Than on a given start
date, It will find the date ask for by the calendar, then give me what the
schedule will be for that team.  The format for the work schedule is: "With
4 teams, 2 teams work on given day -12 hour shifts"
Ex.... for TeamA  Work 4 days
                               Off    7 days
                              Work 4 Nights
                                Off   3 Days
                              Work 3 days
                               Off    1 Day
                              Work 3 Nights
                               Off    3 days
then the schedule starts over again with the Work 4 days.
I hope someone can help with this, because I am stuck.

             Brian Shafer

Tue, 25 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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