Detecting dial-up networking connection status 
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 Detecting dial-up networking connection status

In an Access application I've developed, a command button launches a Dial-Up
Networking connection dialog box (using Shell("rundll.exe rnaui.dll,RnaDial"
& "Connection Name") from which the user must select "Connect" or "Cancel".
Separately, there is a function procedure that checks the "connection
status" by verifying the existence of a directory unique to the connected
server and displays a "connected" indicator after the user clicks another
command button.

I would like the D-U Networking command button's click-event procedure to
display the "connected" indicator (without user interaction) as soon as a
connection has been established. Since the connection may never be
established, I can't have the procedure loop until the directory exists
unless I can do one of the following:

    Return a "cancel" event from the shelled app;
    Return a "connected" property from the shelled app, or;
    Determine whether the modem is in use.

Anybody know how to do any of the above or have any other solutions?  Thank
you for your help.

Eric D

Mon, 10 Feb 2003 14:38:22 GMT  
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