Why -- Oh Why !!!!!!!! 
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 Why -- Oh Why !!!!!!!!


<rant on>
I have a really difficult time developing apps using Automation of Visio.
Things appear so fluid that between Visio 2000, Visio 2002, Visio 2002 SR1
things break.

The latest example :

You can cut from a spreadsheet and paste onto Visio. With Visio 2000 this
appears to work as expected. With Visio 2002 unless you do paste special and
provide the right format, it messes up.

This is making life so hard. Visio is sold as a great tool -- automation
etc. etc. etc. What a pain.

What is Microsoft doing with Visio. Why cant they leave well enough alone...

How frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could dump this altogether but
then the powers wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!!

<rant off>

Can someone suggest a clean/simple solution to getting the data from a
spreadsheet included into a Visio SpreadSheet?



Wed, 20 Apr 2005 00:56:50 GMT  
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